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From August 2007, we have passed the U.S. UL  certification.The safety standards of engineering materials, equipment, facilities, products and building, property have reached advanced level in the world.

 About Us

"KuibyshevAzot" OJSC is one of the leading companies of the Russian chemical industry.

The company conducts its business in two areas:
- production of caprolactam and its derived products (PA-6, high tenacity yarns, cord fabric, engineering plastics);
- production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.

Besides, "KuibyshevAzot" produces process gases which meet requirements of the main business-directions and at the same time are independent commodity products.
The full product variety is represented by more than 20 articles. 

The main information

The company is placed in 1000 km south-east of Moscow, the Russian capital, in Togliatti, Samara Region, on the bank of the Volga, the largest European river.
The plant was founded in 1966.
The area of the company is 3 000 000 sq. m (300 hectare). Number of personnel is 5500 people.

JSC KuibyshevAzot today

  • Is the leader in caprolactam production within the CIS
  • A financially stable company with "A+" credit rating on the national scale
  • "KuibyshevAzot" is the only enterprise in Russia, which produces high-viscosity polyamide, high-tenacity yarn and tire cord fabric derived from it. In comparison to other domestic equivalents, our yarn is characterized by higher tenacity and fully conforms to the international standards.

The first stage of the large scale investment project of KuibyshevAzot related to caprolactam processing was realized in 2003-2004 when the company began to produce polyamide-6, technical yarns and cord fabric. At that time the overall cost of the project was $70m (1,900m.RUR), it was financed by own funds and raised credit resources. The technology used in the first line of the polyamide plant is unique in the world. Polymer Engineering, Germany procured the equipment. The polymerization units of the second and the third lines of the polyamide 6 plant designed by Uhde Inventa Fischer, Germany consist of the proprietary equipment.

In 2006 KuibyshevAzot started the second line of the polyamide 6 plant. The product capacity rose more than 3 times and the share of the company in the aggregate output of the country accounts for 32%. The company became a major PA-6 chips producer in the Russian Federation. The investments in the construction of the second line of PA6 plant amounted to 1112,5 m.RUR in this period.

Polyamide-6 produced by KuibyshevAzot is sold under the trade mark Volgamid. It is used for production of high tenacity technical yarns and engineering plastics (widely used in the automotive industry, electronics and electrical engineering, machine building, as components of furniture and household appliances) as well as staple and carpet yarns. The company produces high tenacity technical yarns such as 144, 187 and 94 tex used in the production of mechanical rubber goods (hoses, conveyor belts, belts of car valve gears), fish nets, cables, ropes, safety belts and air bags. As compared to the same type yarns made by other local producers these yarns feature better quality specifications and fully meet the world standards.

Engineering plastics are another downstream products of PA6 developed by the company. In 2007 JV KuibyshevAzot Engineering Plastics (Shanghai), China went on stream, it produces mainly PA-6 based compounds.

On March 20/2007 an opening ceremony of the Joint Venture "Kuibyshevazot Engineering Plastics Ltd." (Shanghai) took place in the People's Republic of China. It was attended by the executives of KuibyshevAzot JSC, representatives of the Russian Consulate in Shanghai, heads of the government and functional district divisions and the Qingpu Industrial and Economic Zone where the JV is located and other officials.

The Joint Venture "Kuibyshevazot Engineering Plastics Ltd." (Shanghai) was registered in September 2005, its construction began in July 2006, the projected investments total $ 9m. KuibyshevAzot JSC holds the majority stake in the JV. The participant on the part of China is He Ye dealing with the sales of chemicals in the market of China. Berstorff GmbH, Germany, a leading manufacturer of compounding machinery supplied the equipment for the Joint Venture.

In the first stage 2 production lines with total capacity 9,900 t/a were put into operation. The plant started to produce engineering plastics based on the own feedstock PA6 polymer consumers of which are manufacturers of car components, tools, household appliances and electric machinery.

The commissioning of the new facilities will ensure for KuibyshevAzot steady sales of the captive polyamide 6 as a feedstock (up to 7,000 t/a).

The rated capacity is expected to achieve by 2010. The annual growth of engineering plastics consumption in China is 16 to 30% while in the global market it makes 6 to 8%.

After the first years of the Joint Venture operation and the market development the original capacity will possibly be doubled.

As a preliminary step aimed at the analysis of potential customer requirements to the JV products in China the compounds produced by Volgaplast Ltd. located at the site in Togliatti were sold.

"Kuibyshevazot Engineering Plastics Ltd." is the first Russian-Chinese enterprise in the Qingpu Industrial and Economic Zone (Shanghai Province). The location was chosen in consideration of the proximity of the main outlets as here the key compound consumers are located with the same tax benefits offered to any other zones of this type in the People's Republic of China.

The arrangement of the new production enables for KuibyshevAzot to implement a strategy of launching higher value added products. Moreover, the engineering plastics plant in Shanghai provides a direct presence of the company in South-East Asia strengthening the position of the enterprise in the key marketing area.

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